No, Not Mark writing – but yes, his gorgeous photography!

So, Mark & I really want to get more of his fabulous photography out there, but Mark doesn’t like writing, and I do – so we’re changing his blog a bit, the art will be his, the writing mine – ALL MINE!  Oh sorry, got carried away there!

I’m Jennifer, Marks’ wife and partner for the last nearly 20 years or so.  And I am always in awe of the beauty that Mark can make with his cameras.  We were at Breitenbush (one of the most wonderful places ever – hot spring retreat a couple of hours out of Portland, OR) a couple of years ago while Mark was taking a class from the AMAZING Douglas Beasley, and Doug used the expression ‘to make photographs’.

And I, loving words and phrases the way I do, was struck with what a world of difference that makes from ‘take a photograph’.

Mark has given me carte blanche to write what I like – so I have a feeling we’ll be all over the map – the beauty of nature (and the ASTONISHING beauty of Utah!), some of the great cats in our lives, food porn, probably some more cats, random musings on my part – but I promise no clowns (one of my MANY phobias).  Probably not many of people, either.  Not a phobia on either of our parts, just not a strong suit of Marks.

Mark DOES sell his work, there are links to his site on the blog, and if you’re interested in buying something, or want to contact him about setting up a show – please do!

The photo above is of Willis Creek Canyon in Utah – the photo was taken June 15th of this year.

We’d love feedback, comments, reflections – we’d also love it if you shared this blog with everyone you know!  You can also sign up to subscribe to this blog, and if you need help with that, please let Mark or I know.  Actually just let Mark know, I’m a total doofus on the computer.

Purrs, Jenn


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  1. Woz

    you had me at cats.

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