Smugmug Site added

I recently put some of my photos for sale at: Lemming Photo at SmugMug.

The photos currently there are a small sample and currently I’m only offering what is available there in terms of formats and framing. However, if that turns into a successful venture, I expect to be able to stock frames at home for more custom work.

If you happen to know of a photo of mine, and would like to see it available, don’t hesitate to contact me at
Actually, that goes for any questions regarding the photos.

Couple caveats on the photos, I did remove a lot of print options that would of meant some sort of cropping on the image. Though that does eliminate someone taking one of the panoramic photos and placing it on a smaller bit of paper.

Also, I haven’t seen all of the photos on all types of paper and none of mine have been done on metallic yet. I think some of the photos should do well with that treatment and I’ll be ordering test samples soon.

I want to thank everyone who took time to critique my photos. I learned a lot during that period.

Peekaboo Slot Canyon


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  1. Rose Conner

    Dear Mark & Jenn, Love your work and writing. Very heartfelt and touching.

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