This lovely little girl is another Best Friends cat that now lives with us. Back when I worked in the adoptions department, I would go to the Salt Lake Super adoption, that is sponsored by Petsmart nationally, but organized by No More Homeless Pets.

May of 2007, I was there and what the no-kill shelters would do at the end of the event, is divide up the animals from the kill shelters that had not been adopted. I had adopted out two cats, so two cats could come back to Best Friends with me. Two sisters of seven months old.
She and her sister hung out in Morgaine’s and I had taken them on a couple adoption runs, but they were older than a kitten, and younger than an adult.
At the time, one of our at home cats, Habibi was being a Butt to the other cats and we were thinking he needed a foil.
At an adoption event in July, I wound up adopting out Elizabeth’s sister near the end of the event. I knew Elizabeth would be able to handle Habibi and they were about the same age.
So I adopted her and since I was flying direct from Phoenix to New York, Lezlie delivered her home for me.

And my prediction was correct, Elizabeth stands up to Habibi very well.


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