Show at Best Friends

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Village2013, a set on Flickr.

Opening May 24 5pm.

Will be on display until July 19.


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No, Not Mark writing – but yes, his gorgeous photography!

So, Mark & I really want to get more of his fabulous photography out there, but Mark doesn’t like writing, and I do – so we’re changing his blog a bit, the art will be his, the writing mine – ALL MINE!  Oh sorry, got carried away there!

I’m Jennifer, Marks’ wife and partner for the last nearly 20 years or so.  And I am always in awe of the beauty that Mark can make with his cameras.  We were at Breitenbush (one of the most wonderful places ever – hot spring retreat a couple of hours out of Portland, OR) a couple of years ago while Mark was taking a class from the AMAZING Douglas Beasley, and Doug used the expression ‘to make photographs’.

And I, loving words and phrases the way I do, was struck with what a world of difference that makes from ‘take a photograph’.

Mark has given me carte blanche to write what I like – so I have a feeling we’ll be all over the map – the beauty of nature (and the ASTONISHING beauty of Utah!), some of the great cats in our lives, food porn, probably some more cats, random musings on my part – but I promise no clowns (one of my MANY phobias).  Probably not many of people, either.  Not a phobia on either of our parts, just not a strong suit of Marks.

Mark DOES sell his work, there are links to his site on the blog, and if you’re interested in buying something, or want to contact him about setting up a show – please do!

The photo above is of Willis Creek Canyon in Utah – the photo was taken June 15th of this year.

We’d love feedback, comments, reflections – we’d also love it if you shared this blog with everyone you know!  You can also sign up to subscribe to this blog, and if you need help with that, please let Mark or I know.  Actually just let Mark know, I’m a total doofus on the computer.

Purrs, Jenn

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Smugmug Site added

I recently put some of my photos for sale at: Lemming Photo at SmugMug.

The photos currently there are a small sample and currently I’m only offering what is available there in terms of formats and framing. However, if that turns into a successful venture, I expect to be able to stock frames at home for more custom work.

If you happen to know of a photo of mine, and would like to see it available, don’t hesitate to contact me at
Actually, that goes for any questions regarding the photos.

Couple caveats on the photos, I did remove a lot of print options that would of meant some sort of cropping on the image. Though that does eliminate someone taking one of the panoramic photos and placing it on a smaller bit of paper.

Also, I haven’t seen all of the photos on all types of paper and none of mine have been done on metallic yet. I think some of the photos should do well with that treatment and I’ll be ordering test samples soon.

I want to thank everyone who took time to critique my photos. I learned a lot during that period.

Peekaboo Slot Canyon

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This lovely little girl is another Best Friends cat that now lives with us. Back when I worked in the adoptions department, I would go to the Salt Lake Super adoption, that is sponsored by Petsmart nationally, but organized by No More Homeless Pets.

May of 2007, I was there and what the no-kill shelters would do at the end of the event, is divide up the animals from the kill shelters that had not been adopted. I had adopted out two cats, so two cats could come back to Best Friends with me. Two sisters of seven months old.
She and her sister hung out in Morgaine’s and I had taken them on a couple adoption runs, but they were older than a kitten, and younger than an adult.
At the time, one of our at home cats, Habibi was being a Butt to the other cats and we were thinking he needed a foil.
At an adoption event in July, I wound up adopting out Elizabeth’s sister near the end of the event. I knew Elizabeth would be able to handle Habibi and they were about the same age.
So I adopted her and since I was flying direct from Phoenix to New York, Lezlie delivered her home for me.

And my prediction was correct, Elizabeth stands up to Habibi very well.

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Small Stuff


This little guy was out near upper calf creek falls near Escalante, Utah. I didn’t know they existed in Utah, but knew of them from growing up in California.

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Desert Mushroom

Something just to remind me this blog exists.

This mushroom was found on a desert walk and fairly dried out from exposure.
Desert Mushroom

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Continuing with the cats at home, Maple our cat with the most seniority, though not our oldest.

Maple is a cat from Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon near Portland. We adopted her as a young mother. We had originally gone to CAT to meet a feline that had Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but there was no connection with her, but since we were there, we had to look around.

My wife, Jennifer, felt an immediate connection with Maple and she’s been with us ever since August 9, 2003.

And another in the series of shots today:

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Continuing with the cats of the house.

Habibi came from Beirut in August of 2006 as a three month old kitten. BETA was the group that originally took him in after he was found in an engine block, by a woman named Nadia. He was named Nado at that time.
My wife and he fell in love, so he came to our home soon after.

Best Friends brought over 295 animals from BETA, Habibi was one of them. For that history, the magazine entry from the NOV/DEC Issue is a good source.

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Occasionally, I should post one of the cats that shares my home. This is Zane.

Zane is a Katrina cat who came into Celebration Station in February of 2006. He had the ear tipped, was neutered, and had a huge goose egg of an abscess on top of his head between his ears. Right away, he was incredibly friendly to all he met, but he was only there for the night before we whisked him off to the vet to have his head looked at. The vets thought he may have been shot, but it could of been just having something jabbed as an accident. He quickly stole my heart and I brought him back to Kanab at the end of my deployment. Since then, he’s still a very loving cat with everyone he meets.

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Annabelle is a survivor from The Great Kitty Rescue of 2007.

She currently resides in the lobby of Morgaine’s at Best Friends, the organization that undertook saving over 800 cats from horrific conditions.

Annabelle looks a bit shy in the photo, and at the time she was. She’s much friendlier now that she’s gotten comfortable with people she can trust.

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